Under the Dome

NC scores high on lobbying transparency

North Carolina was one of seven states to receive an A grade on Wednesday for its lobbying disclosure laws, in a report card by the Sunlight Foundation government transparency organization.

States were evaluated on how well they disclose lobbyist activity and compensation, expenditures and access to records. North Carolina did well enough to earn an A based on a total score of four; the highest-ranking states received grades of six.

The state earned two points each for transparency of lobbyists’ expenditures associated with their work, and how readily the public can see lobbying documents. North Carolina scored low for not requiring lobbyists to reveal which bills or executive actions they are trying to influence, not requiring all expenses be reported, and not requiring lobbyists to disclose how much they receive from a client.

California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina and Wisconsin also received A’s. Receiving F’s were: Florida, Nevada and West Virginia.

You can find the survey here.