Under the Dome

Job contacts for unemployment insurance would increase under bill

The unemployed would have to contact five potential employers a week rather than the current two, under a bill about to clear the General Assembly and go to the governor.

Rep. Julia Howard, a Republican from Mocksville, said Senate Bill 15 would encourage people “to get back in the habit of looking for employment.” She noted that contacts can be made online or in person.

Several Democrats said it was a bad idea because not everyone has access to a computer, and that increasing the contacts was an unfair burden for some. Howard said the Employment Security Commission has put additional computers in every library in the state.

Rep. Marilyn Avila, a Republican from Raleigh, said if it was a burden for some people to make five employment contacts a week maybe it would also be a burden for them to show up for work.

The bill tentatively passed 82-27, and will be voted on a final time on Tuesday. The Senate has already approved it.