Under the Dome

Tillman’s take: ‘Big disconnect in the House’

Sen. Jerry Tillman, an Archdale Republican and the majority whip in the Senate, wrote to his constituents this week with an update on happenings in Raleigh, including his views on the state budget impasse.

“It seems to me there is a big disconnect in the House when it comes to major decisions – the budget being prime example,” wrote Tillman, a retired schools administrator. “Our number one objective this session is to pass a budget. It’s way past time for delivering on this task. No one I know can tell you when this will happen.”

He then added: “I can tell you why this hasn’t happened.”

“The NC House is divided on this issue,” he wrote. “When the leadership in the House wants one thing and the caucus wants another — how do you get a deal done? The longer we go without a budget the harder it is to fix the problem.

“The House wants to spend too much money. We want to cut taxes, reduce spending and run government more efficiently. Hopefully one day we’ll come to an agreement and go home. The Senate is ready. We’ll see….”

Tillman doesn’t single out House Speaker Tim Moore or senior budget writer Rep. Nelson Dollar, but it is clear that the divide in the House is one hangup.

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