Under the Dome

McCrory slips in latest Civitas poll, but still a dead-heat with Cooper

Polls continue to show neither incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory nor presumed challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper with early reliable leads in the 2016 race.

The latest, released by the conservative Civitas Institute on Friday, surveyed registered, unaffiliated voters on who they would vote for if the election were held today.

Thirty-four percent said they would vote for Cooper, 32 percent would vote for McCrory, and 33 percent were undecided or leaning toward one of the candidates.

“This number is interesting as it compares with the 44 percent of unaffiliated voters who said in a June Civitas Poll that they would support McCrory,” Civitas president Francis De Luca said in a statement accompanying the polling results. “Although the June poll included a smaller sampling of unaffiliated voters, such a shift may be a concern for McCrory’s advisors.”

The poll also found 43 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion of McCrory, and 36 percent had a favorable opinion. Cooper had a 26 percent favorable rating and 14 percent unfavorable.

Cooper continues to struggle with name recognition, however: 32 percent said they had never heard of him. Only 2 percent said they didn’t know who McCrory was.

The survey of 400 North Carolina voters, 30 percent of them reached on cell phones, was taken Aug. 10-12 and has a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.