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Gov. McCrory signs NC budget

With a little more than 12 hours to spare, Gov. Pat McCrory signed the state budget for the next two years between appearances in the Triangle on Friday morning.

“Now we can work together to implement a common-sense vision for our great state that includes job creation, education, healthcare and transportation,” McCrory said in a statement his office released.

The signing, without pomp or circumstance, happened sometime after he spoke to members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, who were on a retreat in Durham, and before he showed up in Raleigh at an event honoring National Truck Driver Appreciation Week at Longistics, Inc.

The General Assembly sent the budget to him early Friday following a final vote just after midnight. It took them three extensions of their June 30 deadline; the final one would have expired after midnight Friday.

The governor indicated on Thursday that he would sign the budget bill, even though it included a sales tax expansion that he objected to. He said he secured most of what he wanted in the final document.

"People are going to have more money in their pocket after getting their paycheck," told The Insider on Thursday.

Republican legislative leaders contend individual income tax reductions in the budget result in an overall tax decrease.

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