Under the Dome

NC lawmakers move with caution on deer, farm bill

The state House on Thursday tentatively approved a farm bill after removing several controversial provisions, including one that would have transferred regulation of captive deer from the state’s wildlife office to the agriculture department.

The dispute over several sticking points kept Republican House members in closed-door caucus meetings much of the day before the 86-13 vote without debate.

The bill is expected to be discussed in more detail on Monday night, when at least one amendment will be proposed.

Wildlife officials have halted permits for the deer, which are raised for antlers and meat, as a precaution against a devastating disease that has struck other states. Deer farmers in the state have been pushing to expand.

Also removed from Senate Bill 513 is a provision that would have required a study of the state’s renewable energy policy, and another provision that defined “sustainable farm,” which some thought was too vague.