Under the Dome

McCrory says he’s ‘under fire’ from Clinton

Gov. Pat McCrory is raising campaign money by invoking critical comments from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The issue is about “sanctuary city” policies that enact laws and rules limiting enforcement of immigration laws. Lawmakers recently voted to ban the state’s counties and municipalities from opting out of enforcing federal laws. So-called “sanctuary” cities in North Carolina include Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham.

Clinton had said while campaigning that North Carolina’s legislation is “simply unacceptable,” according to news reports.

McCrory’s campaign responded in an email Monday: “After I asked you to stand with me and support ending sanctuary cities in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign lashed back at me – and at North Carolina. Her campaign desperately urged me to veto a bill that would help us end sanctuary cities in North Carolina.”

The email added: “Help me fight back against Hillary Clinton’s extreme liberal attack machine! Contribute $10 today!”

McCrory’s email said officials all take an oath of office to enforce the law and that it includes not only North Carolina laws, but also the laws of the United States of America – “and that includes our immigration laws!”

McCrory’s email noted that he has joined a lawsuit against the Obama administration over an executive order that would grant legal status to millions of immigrants who are living in the U.S. illegally.

McCrory said people who break laws should not get “safe haven.”

“And we’re certainly not going to buckle under pressure from Hillary Clinton!” the McCrory email says. “Team, I need your help. I’m under fire from Hillary Clinton’s extreme liberal attack machine for wanting to enforce our immigration laws. Do you have my back?”