Under the Dome

NC Lt. Gov. Forest says small percentage of teachers leave

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest posted a video about the latest report from the state Department of Public Instruction putting teacher turnover at 14.8 percent, its highest rate in five years.

Forest’s message: it’s not as bad as the media makes it look.

Conservatives have been pushing back on news reports of dissatisfied teachers leaving the profession, saying they’re overblown.

The legislature passed a law this session that tells the State Board of Education what information should be included in the teacher turnover report.

Next year, the board can no longer call the data compilation a report of “teachers leaving the profession.” The new name must be “State of the Teaching Profession in North Carolina.”

Forest suggests in the video that the current report title is problematic.

Starting in 2017, the legislature wants the report to include information on teachers leaving hard-to-staff schools or left employment in hard-to-staff subjects.