Under the Dome

New DOMECAST ready, with look at Duke Energy case and legislative pop quiz

Domecast, our weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of Oct. 10-11.

With plenty going on at the state and federal levels this week, the end of the legislative session didn’t slow us down.

We bring on John Murawski of The News & Observer to discuss with fellow reporter Craig Jarvis what’s happening between Duke Energy, the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (formerly the Department of Environment and Natural Resources) and coal ash.

Then we get into a little General Assembly trivia with Colin Campbell of The N&O and Benjamin Brown of The Insider. What legislators stood out this session and why? Who voted most or least with the majority? And more fun stats.

As always, we close it out with our popular Headliners of the Week, with The N&O’s Lynn Bonner and intern Liz Bell joining in. Andy Curliss of The N&O hosts.

The Domecast is available and can be subscribed on iTunes by clicking here. Users of other podcast apps can find the RSS feed link by clicking here.

Or, listen here: