Under the Dome

AFP ads thank governor, legislature for tax cuts

Americans for Prosperity launched TV ads blanketing the state on Monday thanking the governor and legislators for cutting taxes in this year’s budget.

The North Carolina chapter of the organization says it is spending six figures on the ad buy but did not disclose specifically how much. A spot check of Federal Communications Commission records available online listed one Triangle station running the ads as of Monday: WTVD, which received about $13,000 for a two-week run. Also listed was an ad buy during the N.C. Spin political commentary program that airs across the state, and locally on WRAL and WRAZ, but didn’t include the contract amount.

“People all across North Carolina are smiling a little more,” the TV spot begins. “Why? Gov. McCrory and the General Assembly cut income taxes again.”

The state budget enacted in September includes about $400 million in income tax cuts. There are also new sales taxes on repair, installation and maintenance services.

The ad describes a $2.2 billion income tax cut. That number represents net tax revenue reductions projected over the next five years, mostly through individual and corporate income tax changes, The Associated Press reported.

Whether this year’s budget will save money or increase taxes depends on how much a taxpayer makes and how much money is spent on the newly taxable services.

"Gov. McCrory and North Carolina lawmakers did the right thing again and passed massive tax relief," Donald Bryson, state director of AFP, said in a statement. "It's because of their commitments to limiting government spending and letting taxpayers keep more money that our state is emerging as an economic powerhouse.”

The N.C. Democratic Party released a statement refuting the claims in the ad.

“Pat McCrory has been named the nation’s most vulnerable governor, so now the special interests funding his campaign are trying to cover up his failed record,” said spokesman Ford Porter. “But the facts are simple: Pat McCrory raised taxes on middle class families and small businesses while only offering breaks to giant corporations and those at the top – that’s why voters are ready for a change in Raleigh.”