Under the Dome

NC Rep. Paul Luebke has lymphoma but plans to seek reelection

Durham’s longtime N.C. House member, Rep. Paul Luebke, announced Friday that he’s being treated for lymphoma but plans to seek another term next year.

Luebke, 69, is a Democrat who has served in the House since 1991.

“Recently I was diagnosed with lymphoma under my left eye,” he said in a news release. “Treatment has begun, and I am making good progress.”

He says he’ll file for reelection in early December in his district, which includes the southern and western sides of Durham County.

“My doctors have ordered a number of chemotherapy sessions in the hospital, as well as significant rest and recovery time at home in between treatments,” Luebke said. “The doctors’ expectations are that I will be 100 percent recovered by the spring, and thus will be able to participate fully in the upcoming legislative session which begins in late April.”