Under the Dome

Two political consultant firms will help lead statewide bond campaign

A statewide campaign in support of a $2 billion bond referendum on the March 15 ballot will be led by a partnership of Republican and Democratic political consulting firms, officials said Tuesday.

Chris Sinclair and Alastair Macaulay with Cornerstone Solutions, a Republican political consulting firm, and Brad Crone with Campaign Connections, a Democratic political consulting firm, will work as the lead consulting team for the “NC Connect” committee.

Cornerstone works with Gov. Pat McCrory.

Campaign Connections has helped a group of moderate Democrats, known as the Main Street Democrats, in the legislature.

“We are very pleased to have these two well-known and experienced consulting firms working with the committee. The bond is bipartisan. It’s about connecting our strongest assets to build a better state,” said former NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, co-chairman of the bond committee. “Both firms have the background and experience to help guide the bond campaign to success.”

“The March 15 primary means we have a great deal of work to get done in a short period of time,” Sinclair said. “Our firms have a strong working relationship from the past joint bond campaign in Wake County. This will be a true bi-partisan effort.”

“We are going to work in a bi-partisan manner reaching out to voters across our state to earn their support and vote for this very important bond,” Crone said. “Its success will set a course of greatness for our state.”

Members of the bond “working” committee include: Vanessa Harrison, President, AT&T North Carolina, Raleigh; David L. Jennette, Timberlands Unlimited, Inc., Windsor; Joan Perry, MD, Kinston Pediatrics, Kinston; and co-chairs Jim Rose, Regional President, Yadkin Bank, Raleigh.