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Rucho stuns with announcement he won’t run again

Sen. Bob Rucho
Sen. Bob Rucho N.C. General Assembly

The Charlotte Observer’s Jim Morrill reports:

Republican Sen. Bob Rucho of Matthews, one of North Carolina’s most powerful state senators, said Thursday he won’t run again.

After this term Rucho plans to retire after 17 years in the General Assembly.

As co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee, he’s been a chief architect of tax changes made by the Republican-controlled General Assembly and was a leading voice in many other policy areas.

“Everything I wanted to achieve, tax reform… unemployment insurance, I’ve either gotten done or is on its way,” Rucho said. “I’ve been working on this exit strategy for a while. I would have run and I would have won again.”

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for his knowledge, didn’t completely agree with him … but I didn’t see one coming,” said Sen. Joel Ford, a Charlotte Democrat.