Under the Dome

African-American caucus urges debates

The African-American caucus of the N.C. Democratic Party, at its annual convention on Saturday, passed a resolution calling for debates between Ken Spaulding and Attorney General Roy Cooper, who are running in the Democratic primary for governor.

Spaulding, who is black, has been pushing Cooper to agree to a series of debates. Cooper’s campaign has not committed to that. Cooper recently announced his candidacy, although it has been expected for some time. Spaulding declared his intentions last year.

Cooper and Spaulding both attended the meeting and spoke separately. State Rep. Larry Hall and Rep. Rodney Moore also addressed the gathering.

A video from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addressing the gathering was shown, and a letter from Hillary Clinton read.

Linda Wilkins-Daniels was elected as state caucus president, Jaymes Powell Jr. as the first vice president, Phyllis Perry as second vice president, Portia Bright as third vice president.