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McCrory: White House to talk with states about refugees

Gov. Pat McCrory said on CNN shortly before noon Tuesday that the White House has scheduled a conference call with states to talk about resettlement of Syrian refugees.

McCrory was one of about two dozen mostly Republican governors who have said that in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris they want to stop Syrian refugees coming to their states.

McCrory said states want to know how background checks are performed on people from Syria.

“People don’t have confidence,” McCrory said. “We have reports that ISIS is trying to infiltrate the refugee community.”

Nonetheless, McCrory said he wants the White House to talk to states. “We need to communicate, not lecture at each other,” he said.

Human rights groups criticized the states’ stance, and according to the Washington Post, nonprofits who work to resettle refugees said governors don’t have the ability to prevent them from coming into their states.

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