Under the Dome

McCrory announces re-election bid online

In a video posted online Tuesday evening, McCrory made it clear he was running for re-election, although there was never any doubt that he would.

His campaign tweeted and later emailed a video that was less a formal announcement than it was a preview of upcoming stump speeches.

Over a slow progression of piano chords and still photos, McCrory narrates what will be a recurring campaign theme: That he steered the state out of economic straits.

“Long before I was elected governor, one of hardest things I ever had to do in my life was to come home after my job was eliminated and tell Ann I didn’t have a job any more,” McCrory says.

“When I was sworn in I knew what too many families were going through.”

The video picks up momentum at the end, with violins swelling in the background.

“I’m running for governor not because of what we’ve accomplished,” he says. “I’m running for governor because our comeback story isn’t over.”

Ford Porter, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party, issued this statement: “The bottom line is that Pat McCrory just hasn’t been straight with middle-class families and taxpayers. That’s why voters are ready for a change.