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Four-year terms for NC legislators? Senator says he’ll push for it

Republican Sen. Ronald Rabin says he’ll be pushing for four-year terms at the N.C. General Assembly when the legislature returns in April.

In his Christmas newsletter, Rabin notes that the 2016 election cycle is already under way – too soon for lawmakers who started their current term less than a year ago.

“Folks, two-year terms are simply too short,” said Rabin, who represents Harnett, Lee and western Johnston counties. “There is simply no way that two-year planning horizons are a good idea and, in reality, the second year of every term emphasis is on campaigning. It is simply inefficient and expensive.”

Rabin said that he’ll re-file a bill that would amend the state constitution to elect legislators every four years. He says the bill will also include “some number of term limits.”

Rabin introduced similar legislation in March. That bill would have elected half the legislature every two years and imposed a term limit of four consecutive terms.

Rabin’s bill was sent to the Senate Rules Committee where it didn’t get a hearing this year.