Under the Dome

RINO-hunting candidate takes aim in fund-raising email

Kay Daly fired a gun and proclaimed she is hunting RINOs (or Republicans in name only) in a September ad introducing her campaign against incumbent Congresswoman Renee Ellmers in the Second Congressional District.

Daly, one of four candidates challenging Ellmers in the GOP primary, now has an attention-grabbing campaign fund-raising message with the provocative subject line “My Congressman is a child abuser.” In the body of the message, Daly blames the three-term congresswoman for a national debt that the next generation of taxpayers cannot repay, and claims Ellmers rejected 33 chances to shave money from federal department budgets or programs.

“I call it what it is: it’s child abuse. It’s fiscal child abuse, and it must end,” Daly’s email says.

Patrick Sebastian, an Ellmers campaign adviser, disputed Daly’s claims.

“Honestly, almost nothing Kay Daly says is true,” said Sebastain, who called Ellmers “one of the most conservative members of Congress.”

Ellmers “has a record of cutting spending,” he said. “We can actually back that record up with facts.”

Daly calls Ellmers and Republican House leaders cowards in the email, which describes Daly filing to run for office.

“My three beautiful children joined me when I filed because it is their future that has been placed very much in doubt by the political stupidity and cowardice of my Congressman (RINO Renee Ellmers), GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, and a host of other gutless politicians who campaign as ‘conservatives,’ but govern as craven weasels cowering in the corner,” the email says.

“With the support of Ellmers & McCarthy, John Boehner and Paul Ryan have turned the Speaker’s Office from a bully pulpit into the Pansy Pulpit, and I’ve had enough.”

Daly is a former state Republican Party spokeswoman and congressional aide.