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Clinton campaign slams McCrory on abortion law


For the second time in recent months, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has weighed in on new North Carolina laws.

On Monday, her campaign released a statement criticizing Republican Gov. Pat McCrory for allowing an abortion law to go into effect here. The new law requires abortion providers to send to state health officials records of all abortions and induced miscarriages after the 16th week of pregnancy, including ultrasound images of fetuses.

Last week, a Planned Parenthood affiliate in the state called on the governor not to allow the bill, which he signed in June, to go into effect on Jan. 1. The governor doesn’t have the authority to stop a bill after he has signed it.

The Hillary for America director of women’s outreach, Mini Timmaraju, sent out this statement:

“It’s shameful that Governor McCrory has decided to disregard the sanctity of a woman’s relationship with her doctor by allowing this new law to go into effect requiring government review of women’s personal medical information. As President, Hillary Clinton will fight to protect women’s health and reproductive rights while ensuring the government does not get between a woman and her doctor. Governor McCrory should suspend this outrageous law immediately.”

In October while campaigning in other states, Clinton criticized North Carolina’s new law banning the state’s counties and cities from having “sanctuary city” policies that limit enforcement of immigration laws. She said the legislation was “simply unacceptable.”

McCrory’s campaign team immediate turned it into a fundraising opportunity, saying he was “under attack” by Clinton.

On Tuesday, N.C. GOP press secretary Kara Carter issued a statement in response.

“It's no surprise that Hillary Clinton's campaign and liberal groups are again attacking Gov. McCrory. It's clear that Hillary Clinton's campaign is more interested in playing politics and scoring political points than protecting the health and safety of women."