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National conservative commentator backs Ellmers’ opponent

Jim Duncan
Jim Duncan

Erick Erickson – a prominent conservative cable news commentator, talk show host and blogger – announced Tuesday night that he’s backing Congresswoman Renee Ellmers’ opponent in the Republican primary.

Erickson is the former editor of the website RedState and appears on Fox News and CNN. He recently launched a new conservative website called The Resurgent, where the endorsement was published as the site’s first.

Erickson wrote that former Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan is a “self-made man” who “knows small business” and “is in no hurry to climb a social ladder in Washington, D.C.”

“Voters in NC-2 are more and more aware of all the ways Renee Ellmers has stabbed them in the back,” Erickson said. “Jim Duncan is everything Renee Ellmers is not – a person who puts principle before ambition and promises before party leader demands.”

Erickson was behind a popular tweet in December that showed a bullet-riddled copy of The New York Times’ front-page editorial about gun control.

Duncan’s campaign also has backing from the well-funded Club For Growth PAC. He’s among four Republicans challenging Ellmers in the primary.