Under the Dome

State controller seeks membership info

The state controller’s office has asked two organizations for membership numbers to determine whether they are eligible for collect dues directly from government paychecks.

State law requires the North Carolina Association of Educators to have at least 40,000 members before NCAE dues can be deducted from paychecks. Other organizations must have at least 2,000 members.

A 2014 law required the state Auditor’s Office to check memberships of organizations that collect dues through paycheck deductions. NCAE would not tell state auditors how many members it has. The Correctional Peace Officers Foundation had fewer than 1,500 members as of December 2014, according to a recent audit.

Combs is asking NCAE for its membership numbers and has asked the correctional officers foundation if it has updated figures. She’s asked them to respond to her or to State Auditor Beth Wood by Feb. 1.

Combs also wrote Sen. Ralph Hise, who is interested in ending payroll deductions for organizations that don’t qualify, to tell him she’s trying to get the information.