Under the Dome

Governor, lawmakers spending high on attorneys

The GOP-controlled state government spent more hiring private attorneys rather than using the attorney general at an amount that dwarfs what has been spent over the past 15 years, WRAL reports.

An analysis the TV news division did shows that the General Assembly has paid out almost $7 million in legal expenses through October 2015. Gov. Pat McCrory spent an additional $1.3 million, half of which involved litigation with fellow Republicans, WRAL reported.

Republican legislative leaders have said they were not confident with Attorney General Roy Cooper defending the state over some of the more controversial and ideological laws they have enacted. Cooper is a Democrat who is running for governor.

Cooper has said he can carry out his responsibilities, even in matters where he differs politically from the legislature or governor.

WRAL reported Senate Leader Phil Berger said in many instances the legal fees were spent to defend laws that were part of the legislative agenda that voters supported by electing Republicans to office.