Under the Dome

Charter advocacy group has new leader

Former state senator Eddie Goodall is out as executive director of the N.C. Public Charter Schools Association. Lee Teague, who was director of public relations and grassroots development, is replacing him.

Goodall, a Republican from Union County, ran the advocacy group for about six years. In an email addressed to “charter schools and support community,” he said it was time for another leader to move the association forward.

The “post-cap era” he refers to in the email are the years after 2011, when the state lifted the 100-school limit on charters. The state has 158 charter schools.

“Our charter movement in North Carolina has expectedly grown in this post-cap era as the public has made crystal clear its demands for educational choices,” he wrote. “More choices require stepped up decision-making in how our continued growth, both in existing schools and start-ups, is nourished and supported. It is time our Association takes another step forward also!

“That step includes the invigoration and broadening of ideas and voices in our movement. To accelerate that destination I am leaving my position in the Association, effective today, after several succession planning sessions with our new Board.”