Under the Dome

NC presidential candidates get dozens of votes in New Hampshire primary

Two long-shot presidential candidates from North Carolina were on the primary ballot Tuesday in New Hampshire, but they failed to get many votes.

Tim Cook of Guilford County received 77 votes in the Republican primary, coming in 16th place – ahead of Sen. Lindsey Graham but behind former New York Gov. George Pataki. Both Graham and Pataki had dropped out of the race.

Gastonia attorney Lloyd Kelso came in 11th place in the Democratic primary with 47 votes. That put him well below the 151,573 votes for winner Bernie Sanders. He also trailed a perennial candidate named Vermin Supreme, who’s known for wearing a rubber boot on his head.

Kelso posted on Facebook Tuesday night that he’s “proud of what we have done.” He campaigned in New Hampshire, posting a Facebook video Tuesday of himself holding a sign and waving at cars outside a polling place.

New Hampshire law makes it easy for lesser-known candidates to get their names on the ballot. Neither Cook nor Kelso will be on the ballot in North Carolina for the March 15 primary here.