Under the Dome

Senate hopeful Chaudhuri outlines gun-control proposal

Jay Chaudhuri, who is running in the Democratic primary for a state Senate seat representing Wake County, released his gun-control agenda on Thursday.

Chaudhuri, a Raleigh attorney who has worked for Attorney General Roy Cooper and Treasurer Janet Cowell, is seeking the seat held by Sen. Josh Stein, who is running in the Democratic primary for attorney general.

Chaudhuri’s proposal would:

1. Maintain background checks for handgun sales.

2. Require a background check for all gun sales.

3. Close the terrorist watch list loophole.

4. Stop domestic abusers from buying guns.

5. Provide funding for more school psychologists and counselors.

“I will take on the NRA to push for stronger gun control laws,” he said in a statement.

In North Carolina, it’s not so much the National Rifle Association as it is Grassroots N.C., a not particularly well-funded but aggressive organization that works the phones.

In fact, on Thursday Grassroots N.C. announced it was threatening to sue Asheville over its posting of signs prohibiting concealed handguns in city parks and recreational facilities. The General Assembly has banned local governments from imposing that prohibition.

At the attorney general’s office, Chaudhuri designed a school safety kit that won national recognition, helped develop law enforcement training aimed at preventing school shootings, and led a campus safety task force.