Under the Dome

McCrory warns Wake GOP of battle ahead

Gov. Pat McCrory found an enthusiastic audience at the State Fairgrounds on Tuesday evening, as he rallied the Wake County GOP at its annual convention.

At least several hundred in attendance gave the governor several extended rounds of applause as he hit on the highlights of his first term in office.

Without mentioning Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, the governor told the crowd that they can expect to see other candidates — including those running for governor — in the next six months make big promises.

“They’re going to offer you free everything,” McCrory said. “Everything they’re going to offer you is as though it cost nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your wallet.”

Earlier Tuesday, Cooper held a news conference to roll out his proposals for education reform, including higher teacher pay and free tuition for community college. McCrory’s campaign said Cooper didn’t provide enough information about how the state could afford those changes.

McCrory wrapped up the speech by bringing up the controversy over transgender people using the restroom of their choice, spurred by the Charlotte City Council’s recent anti-discrimination ordinance. He said it was the kind of ordinance “we never would have dreamed about in the state of North Carolina — California-type regulations,” which would change the basic standards of decency and privacy.”

“I will fight President Obama over federal government overreach, I will fight the mayor of Charlotte over government overreacher, I will fight my own legislature over government overreach,” McCrory said, referring to clashes over federal environmental protections and occasional over legislation the General Assembly sends to him.