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Civitas NC poll shows strong support for Clinton, Trump, Cruz

A new poll from the conservative Civitas Institute found little change in the presidential primary race in North Carolina, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton holding large leads.

The first poll since a number of Republicans dropped out found Trump garnering 32 percent support, with Ted Cruz in second place with 26 percent. Those numbers were similar to a January Civitas poll.

John Kasich had the biggest growth in support, from 2 percent in January to 11 percent this month. That number has him tied for a distant third place with Marco Rubio.

On the Democratic side, 57 percent of likely primary voters preferred Clinton, while 28 percent picked Bernie Sanders (the split was 53-28 in the January poll).

Here are numbers from other statewide races polled by Civitas this month:

Democrats for U.S. Senate: 23 percent for Deborah Ross, 7 percent for Kevin Griffin, 2 percent for Chris Rey, 2 percent for Ernest Reeves and 62 percent undecided.

Republicans for U.S. Senate: 42 percent for Richard Burr, 14 percent for Greg Brannon, 3 percent for Larry Holmquist, 2 percent for Paul Wright and 39 percent undecided.

Democrats for governor: 52 percent for Roy Cooper, 12 percent for Ken Spaulding and 34 percent undecided.

Republicans for governor: 65 percent for Pat McCrory, 6 percent for Robert Brawley, 3 percent for Charles Moss and 25 percent undecided.

Democrats for lieutenant governor: 23 percent for Linda Coleman, 8 percent for Holly Jones, 2 percent for Ronald Newton, 2 percent for Robert Wilson and 60 percent undecided.

Republicans for attorney general: 22 percent for Buck Newton, 21 percent for Jim O’Neill and 54 percent undecided.

Democrats for attorney general: 20 percent for Marcus Williams, 17 percent for Josh Stein and 59 percent undecided.

Democrats for state treasurer: 29 percent for Dan Blue III, 15 percent for Ron Elmer and 52 percent undecided.

Republicans for superintendent of public instruction: 16 percent for Mark Johnson, 11 percent for Rosemary Stein, 2 percent for Wesley Sills and 66 percent undecided.

Democrats for superintendent of public instruction: 37 percent for June Atkinson, 7 percent for Henry Pankey and 52 percent undecided.

Democrats for labor commissioner: 21 percent for Charles Meeker, 15 percent for Mazie Ferguson and 60 percent undecided.

Republicans for insurance commissioner: 10 percent for Joe McLaughlin, 10 percent for Mike Causey, 6 percent for Ron Pierce and 70 percent undecided.

Republicans for secretary of state: 12 percent for A.J. Daoud, 12 percent for Michael LaPaglia and 70 percent undecided.

More detailed poll results are available here.

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