Under the Dome

Spaulding’s campaign morphs into new PAC

Ken Spaulding
Ken Spaulding

Ken Spaulding, who lost his outsider bid to win the Democratic nomination to run for governor, on Wednesday said he is channeling his efforts into a new political action committee aligned with the philosophy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Spaulding said in a statement that he would work with Bernie Sanders supporters on common goals and to attract broad interest from unaffiliated voters, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans “and all people of good will.” He said he is preparing paperwork to form the as-yet unnamed PAC.

“Black voters will no longer be taken for granted by the Democratic Party nor ignored by the Republican Party,” Spaudling said.

Spaulding, who is African-American, lost to Attorney General Roy Cooper 69-31 percent, but said he was proud of the nearly 320,000 votes he drew, which will form the basis of his new endeavor.

The PAC will exclude politicians and elected officeholders, he said, and will focus on issues affecting black communities and rural areas. It will promote more spending on education, and protecting the environment by opposing fracking and offshore drilling.

Spaulding said political endorsements by the PAC will be based in part on their acceptance of the Black Lives Matter concerns over racial justice.