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PolitiFact NC: McCrory half right on Cooper’s free tuition plan

Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper
Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper Raleigh

Pat McCrory and Roy Cooper didn’t win their respective party primaries for governor until Tuesday night, but the two have nevertheless been campaigning against each other for weeks.

Education will be a hot topic in the general election, and the two have already been going back and forth. This fact-check looks at a claim McCrory made about Cooper’s plan for free community college tuition.

Fact check

Speaker: Pat McCrory

Statement: “Roy Cooper won’t say how he will pay for ‘free’ college tuition”

Ruling: Cooper didn’t propose free tuition for college, just for community college. He’s also not proposing that the state pay for all of that. Still, that won’t be free for the state, and McCrory is right that Cooper hasn’t revealed a plan to pay for the balance. We rate this claim Half True.