Under the Dome

Frank Roche won’t run in 2nd District

Frank Roche announced Monday that he is suspending his campaign in the Republican primary in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.

In his announcement, Roche, a former radio talk show host, cited new district boundaries and the challenge of taking on two incumbents as obstacles.

Legislators last month redrew all district boundaries under a court order to fix two that a three-judge panel determined were racial gerrymanders.

U.S. Rep. George Holding, a Republican now representing the 13th District, then announced that he will run in the 2nd District, where his Republican colleague, U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, is the incumbent seeking a fourth term.

Ellmers has been criticized for not being conservative enough. She faced four challengers under the old district map, including Roche, who was trying for the second time to unseat her in a primary.

Roche wrote that Holding probably will win the seat.

“My ultimate objective has been to unseat Ellmers for her betrayal of 2nd District voters, conservatives, and Americans across the country,” Roche wrote. “George Holding’s entry into the race, a well funded and seemingly more conservative incumbent than is Rep. Ellmers, should ensure she only serves 3 terms.”