Under the Dome

Businesses organize online HB2 protest

Local small business leaders have launched an anti-HB2 website in an effort to help get the new law repealed.

The effort is centered in Durham, but the site features text messages opposing the law from Google, Red Hat, and other companies.

“We (startups Adzerk, QuartzStudio, RevBoss, Shoeboxed and Windsor Circle) believe that HB2 is divisive legislation that is bad for business. North Carolina is better than this,” Taylor Mingos, CEO of Shoeboxed, said in an email. “We value diversity and see a culture of inclusiveness as essential for business and want to show our support for repealing the law.

“We are impressed that so many large companies (Apple, PepsiCo, Twitter, etc) are speaking out publicly against HB2 and want to add our voice to the conversation. Startups and small businesses create over half of the jobs in North Carolina. As leaders of some of these small and growing businesses, the future we see for North Carolina is an inclusive one and without discrimination against our peers, families, and co-workers.”

The new law nullified a Charlotte ordinance allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. It also prevents cities and counties from adopting their own anti-discrimination ordinances, prohibits local governments from imposing such policies on contractors, and eliminates the ability to sue an employer in state court for discriminatory firing.

A broad array of businesses, from Facebook to Lionsgate, have condemned the law.

The law’s supporters have countered with a list of businesses supporting it.