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NC education agency “useless,” says New Hanover board member

The state education department and the board that runs it are useless and should be “shut down immediately,” New Hanover school board member Tammy Covil said this week, according to a report in the StarNews of Wilmington.

According to the newspaper, Covil called the State Board of Education and the state Department of Public Instruction “the two most useless bureaucratic nightmares” she had ever come across.

The State Board happened to be in Wilmington for three days this week for its planning session and regular monthly meeting.

The paper did not say why Covil went harsh on DPI and the State Board.

Covile did have have an experience in Raleigh that didn’t turn out the way she wanted.

Covil helped lead a Common Core review commission that after months of work produced a report for changes that she ended up denouncing.

Covil ran for state House this year. State Board Chairman Bill Cobey - who worked with Covil on the Common Core commission - endorsed and helped raise money for Covil’s primary opponent Holly Grange.

Grange ended up winning the race by about 24 points.