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Super PAC, DGA buy first HB2 TV ad

UPDATED A liberal super PAC is launching the first TV ad on House Bill 2 on Friday, emphasizing the economic losses due to North Carolina’s LGBT “bathroom law.”

N.C. Families First and the Democratic Governors Association have teamed up to buy what they say is a six-figure ad, which will air in the Charlotte market.

The spot is comprised of national news coverage following the loss of jobs, revenue, canceled events and negative portrayal of the state, singling out Gov. Pat McCrory. The DGA has targeted McCrory in what is considered the most competitive governor race in 2016, pitting McCrory against Attorney General Roy Cooper.

“Pat McCrory: He is taking North Carolina backwards,” the ad ends with.

N.C. Families First spent close to $2 million in ads against GOP legislators in the 2014 cycle, according to state elections records.

"It's no surprise Roy Cooper's Washington, D.C.-backed super PAC is already resorting to negative attacks aimed at tearing Gov. McCrory and the state of North Carolina down, precisely because the governor's job-creation record has been so strong with over 275,000 new North Carolina jobs created since he took office,” campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz said in an emailed response. “One thing they forgot to include in the ad is that 11 Democrats also voted to repeal the overreaching ordinance passed by the the far-left on the Charlotte city council."