Under the Dome

GOP poll finds support for HB2, raising teacher pay, improving economy

A poll out this week shows raising teacher pay, improving education and improving the economy are top concerns in North Carolina.

The survey was conducted for the Carolina Partnership for Reform, an advocacy group tied to state Senate Republicans.

On the controversial HB2 rewrite of LGBT non-discrimination protections, the survey found strong support for the new law: 64 percent said it was more about bathroom safety while 29 percent said it was a reasonable accommodation for transgender people.

Other findings:

▪  28 percent said raising teacher pay was their top concern; 27 percent said the top concern was improving education, and 38 percent said it was creating jobs and improving the economy.

▪  52 percent think pay raises for teachers should be based on their performance, including how well their students do. Just 24 percent favor basing raises on experience.

▪  58 percent support opportunity scholarships and 54 percent would like to expand it beyond low-income families to the middle class.

▪  A full 86 percent favor the GOP Senate’s plan to increase standard income tax deductions to make the first $17,500 of family income tax-free.

The survey by Meeting Street Research interviewed 500 registered voters, which is considered less accurate than narrowing the field to likely voters. The poll was taken April 2-4, before the backlash against HB2 reached the intensity it has in recent weeks.

Questioning was done through a mix of land line and cell phone calls. The poll has a margin of error of 4.38 percentage points.