Under the Dome

McCrory budget proposal includes UNC science/math scholarships

From the everything old is new again file - Gov. Pat McCrory’s budget proposal includes $5 million in UNC scholarships for “gifted and highly sought-after” in-state students seeking math, science, or health degrees.

The $5 million would come from lottery funds and pay for at least 1,000 scholarships.

The state had something like this about a decade ago when Kay Hagan, who was a Democratic state senator and budget writer, added tuition-free UNC education for N.C. School of Science and Mathematics graduates to the state budget. Her aim was to keep talented students in-state for college, saying they would be more likely to build their careers here.

The program was criticized for being elitist and for rewarding students from one school no matter their academic record. The state scrapped the scholarships during the recession.

McCrory’s proposal does not limit the scholarships to NCSSM grads.