Under the Dome

GOP governors’ tv ads target Cooper

UPDATED The Republican Governors Association kicks off its first TV ad campaign on behalf of Gov. Pat McCrory on Thursday.

The commercial is a $510,000 buy that is running in Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte. It targets Democratic challenger Attorney General Roy Cooper.

“During his 30 years in elected office, career politician Roy Cooper supported burdensome tax increases every chance he got, putting North Carolina at a disadvantage for decades,” RGA spokesman Jon Thompson said in a statement. “Instead of looking out for hard-working North Carolinians, Cooper backed failed policies that hurt families and businesses. He would take the state backwards.”

Cooper’s campaign turned around a quick, point-by-point rebuttal to the claims made in the ad.

"This is nothing more than a desperate attempt to distract from the devastating impact HB2 is having on our economy and from Gov. McCrory's record of raising taxes on middle-class families,” Cooper campaign spokesman Jamal Little said. “This is just another example of Gov. McCrory saying one thing, but doing another. The truth is in the last two years, the sales tax has gone up by $400 million, and the gas tax has gone up $1.2 billion. That's why voters are ready for new leadership in Raleigh."

The Republican Governors Association last month announced a six-figure digital ad buy.