Under the Dome

Anti-HB2 videos try to humanize issue

Anti-HB2 forces have begun lobbing videos online as the next phase of their effort to sway public sentiment against the anti-discrimination law.

One of the most recent focuses on Zeke Christopoulos, a transgender man who lives in Asheville, talking about his concerns over having to use a women’s restroom although he looks like a man.

The video will be part of a digital ad buy on Facebook and YouTube and could be used in TV ads, according to Angela Dallara, spokeswoman for Freedom for All Americans, a nationwide LGBT organization. Support for the effort comes from the American Unity Fund, a tax-exempt social welfare non-profit group, and Equality N.C.

The Human Rights Campaign, a national gay-rights organization, on Monday released the ninth in a series of video online aimed at raising awareness.

Although polls have shown support for HB2, which excludes gay and transgender people from anti-discrimination protections, the Human Rights Campaign is trying to put a human face on the opposition. It says 35 percent of likely voters in a survey said they know or work with someone who is a transgender person, up from 22 percent in last year’s survey. Sixty-six percent of those who said they know one have a favorable opinion, the survey found.

“We know that when people know us, they support us,” Human Rights Campaign Communications Director Jay Brown, also a transgender man, said in an email. “... Through public education campaigns and creating environments where it’s safe to come out in workplaces, schools and communities, we’re not only changing transgender people’s lives, we’re moving our neighbors forward in supporting equality.”