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NCGOP leaders dispute ousted chairman’s claims about impeachment process

Hasan Harnett
Hasan Harnett

N.C. Republican Party leaders say ousted chairman Hasan Harnett refused to accept information about the charges that led to his removal.

After months of infighting among party leaders, the party’s Executive Committee voted April 30 to remove Harnett and replace him with former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes of Concord.

Harnett has said the removal vote wasn’t legitimate because it didn’t follow party rules, and he argues that he’s “still the chairman.” During Saturday’s party convention, Harnett approached the microphone and asked for information about his removal. He says he hasn’t been provided details about the charges against him, or a list of the 200 names on the impeachment petition.

A six-page memo from party leaders says Harnett’s claims are wrong. They provided documents showing the party made multiple attempts to provide Harnett with documents detailing the charges, but he refused to accept and sign for FedEx packages sent to his home. He was also emailed the charges and responded to the email.

“The then-chairman of the NCGOP made a point of willfully refusing delivery of the charges against him,” the memo said.

The memo says leaders offered to meet privately with Harnett at Saturday’s convention, but he instead “chose to attempt to orchestrate a public spectacle with cameras, an aggressive blogger and a handful of his supporters.”

According to the memo, Harnett was offered a chance to view the list of people who signed the impeachment petition if he agreed not to copy the list, but he declined.

The memo was unsigned and was distributed to the media by the party’s executive director, Dallas Woodhouse.