Under the Dome

GOP group plans to spend big on Newton for attorney general

A national organization announced Monday it is making its largest TV ad buy so far to support Sen. Buck Newton. The Republican lawmaker is running against Democrat Josh Stein for attorney general.

The Republican Attorneys General Association said it has reserved ad time for the five weeks leading up to the November general election. The buy includes broadcast and cable advertising, and will cost $3.8 million.

“RAGA is on the offense in 2016, and we are committed to expanding our already strong majority of Republican attorneys general, with North Carolina being a prime pick-up opportunity,” Executive Director Scott Will said in a statement announcing the buy.

The organization was formed to elect Republicans to the office of attorney general across the country. Following the 2014 elections, GOP attorneys general outnumbered Democrats for the first time, with 27 elected, the organization says. It spent nearly $14 million to make the happen, it says.