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Departing Democrat on DOMECAST: Discourse at legislature ‘fallen to an all-time low’

N.C. Rep. Nathan Baskerville
N.C. Rep. Nathan Baskerville

Domecast, our weekly podcast on government and politics in North Carolina, is ready for the weekend of July 16-17.

With the legislature gone, the lawmaking action turned to Gov. Pat McCrory this week as he signed several major bills. We’ll run through what he signed and look ahead at what to expect at next week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Then we’ll talk with N.C. Rep. Nathan Baskerville, a Henderson Democrat who’s decided not to run for re-election this year. He explains why it’s hard for Democrats to get even non-controversial legislation approved, and why so few younger people serve in the legislature.

“The level of discourse in the legislature has fallen to an all-time low,” Baskerville says. “There’s no cooperation. It’s easier for us to retreat to our respective corners and just lob bombs across the aisle to each other, and I just wasn’t interested in participating in that anymore.

“After four years in the legislature, I have to do yoga twice a week in order to calm down.”

This week’s panel features Jordan Schrader and Colin Campbell of The News & Observer.

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