Under the Dome

Cooper’s new TV ad: ‘We can build a better N.C.’

Attorney General Roy Cooper released his second statewide TV ad on Tuesday. This one emphasizes his down-home North Carolina roots, while taking a swipe at the current Republican reign without mentioning his opponent, Gov. Pat McCrory.

“When I go home to Nash County, it’s the same streets I rode my bike on as a kid. Our farm that I worked on is still there. So is the field where I played football. And the school where my mom was a teacher. And she was a good one.

“What we’ve lost is harder to see. I’m Roy Cooper and this election is not just about one bad law, it’s about bringing back our teachers, our jobs, and the companies that have left. We can build a better North Carolina.”

His campaign didn’t disclose the cost of the ad buy, which it said would air in the Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro markets.

McCrory’s campaign responded by issuing a rebuttal claiming that Cooper’s ad makes false claims about losing teachers and private sector jobs.

“The same day Roy Cooper launched an ad featuring him standing in his hometown in Nash County saying North Carolina is losing jobs, he attended Governor McCrory's event right down the road announcing the location of CSX's new intermodal terminal, which will lead to thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions in positive economic impact for the region,” McCrory spokesman Ricky Diaz said in the rebuttal.