Under the Dome

Cooper ad ties McCrory to Trump

Attorney General Roy Cooper’s campaign on Monday distributed an online-only ad tying Gov. Pat McCrory to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The spot is timed with McCrory’s planned appearance with Trump in Winston-Salem on Monday night. For good measure, the ad throws in references to a number of recent controversies besetting North Carolina, including the NBA pulling its playoff out of Charlotte and the proposed toll road in Mecklenburg County.

The Cooper campaign says the ad is part of a six-figure digital ad buy. McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz that Cooper and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts should take responsibility for making HB2 necessary instead of playing politics.

"If Roy Cooper cared about the NBA All-Star game, then why did he work to block a bipartisan compromise to keep the game in Charlotte while simultaneously taking a max-out contribution from the former commissioner of the NBA?” Diaz said in a statement. “We had the NBA All-Star game before Jennifer Roberts and Roy Cooper pushed their radical agenda, then worked to block any compromises so they can take advantage of it for their own political purposes and raise campaign cash.”