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PolitiFact NC compares Trump, Sanders on trade policy

Donald Trump is feeling the Bern.

Or at least that what he would have supporters in North Carolina thinking, as he attempts to woo Bernie Sanders supporters who are unsatisfied with Hillary Clinton.

“We have one issue that’s very similar, and that’s trade,” Trump told The News & Observer before a campaign rally in Winston-Salem on Monday. “He and I are similar in trade.”

PolitiFact North Carolina compared the proposed trade policies Trump and Sanders. There were some similarities and some differences, although Trump is mostly on target. For all the details, read the full article.

Fact check

Speaker: Donald Trump

Statement: Says he and Bernie Sanders have “very similar” views on trade

Ruling: Trump and Sanders share the same general philosophy of protectionism as opposed to free trade. However, there are some differences in the details of how they would enact their views. We rate this claim Mostly True.