Under the Dome

McCrory ad needles Cooper

Gov. Pat McCrory is out with his second TV ad, this one prompting his opponent to accuse him of breaking past promises not to go negative.

The commercial lists what it contends are setbacks that occurred while Roy Cooper has been attorney general and a member of the state legislature over the past 30 years, and contrasts that with gains claimed under the first-term McCrory administration.

It begins with an opening scene mimicking a recent Cooper ad, and ends with the voice-over declaration, “Results not politics.”

The McCrory campaign would not disclose how much it was spending on the ad, where it will air nor how long it will be broadcast.

Cooper campaign spokesman Ford Porter said the ad was evidence that McCrory was trailing in fundraising and getting desperate.

“The ad, which is consistent with a campaign on a small budget, is rife with false and misleading claims,” Porter said.