State Politics

McCrory: Priorities will cover many areas

Gov. Pat McCrory’s office released the following in advance of the State of the State speech:

Governor McCrory will address priorities in several areas, including:

Jobs and the Economy

Pass “NC Competes” job recruitment proposals that:

Pass the Historic Preservation Tax Credit to help revitalize our main streets and town centers.



Infrastructure and Project Phoenix

Health and Public Safety

Pass Healthy NC – physician-led Medicaid reform:

Explore health care options for the uninsured that protect North Carolina taxpayers and require personal and financial responsibility from those who would be covered.

Fighting drugs and gang activity.

Addressing retention and safety issues for corrections officers.

Increase Efficiency and Improve Operations

Transfer oversight of workers compensation for state employees to the Office of State Human Resources in order to responsibly settle cases over five years old, which could save up to $17 million over the next two years; and launch an effort to stop abuse and fraud, which is estimated to be directly related to 40% of the costs of claims.

Veterans and Military

Implement an efficient and well-coordinated process to meet the needs of active duty personnel and veterans and save taxpayer money.

Create the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, which will be responsible for: