State Politics

Ad draws on storm, unrest to burnish McCrory’s image

Gov. Pat McCrory’s latest campaign ad burnishes his image as a leader during Hurricane Matthew and the disturbances in Charlotte following the police killing of a man there.

Attorney General Roy Cooper’s campaign is crying foul, accusing the governor of politicizing the storm.

Besides touting the governor’s leadership, the TV ad critizes Cooper for saying McCrory had built up the state’s disaster relief fund beyond what was necessary. Now standing at $1.6 million, McCrory’s camp credits the governor for having enough money to respond to the hurricane and violent protests in Charlotte.

“For Governor McCrory, partisan politics always comes first,” Ford Porter, campaign spokesman for Attorney General Roy Cooper, said in an emailed statement. “Real families are hurting and we need to be pulling together. But instead of uniting, Governor McCrory continues to divide, using a devastating hurricane in order to launch more false attacks against Roy Cooper. That’s shameful and more evidence that we need a new Governor with the right priorities.”

McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz responded: “For months in this campaign, Roy Cooper has falsely attacked the governor over the disaster relief fund and having the foresight to build up the state's rainy day fund, and the governor's campaign needs to set the record straight.”

Craig Jarvis: 919-829-4576, @CraigJ_NandO