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NC GOP leader apologizes after retweeting article calling transgender students ‘pervs’

A North Carolina Republican Party leader apologized after retweeting an article from a conservative blog that calls transgender students sexual perverts and mentally ill.

“Justice Department Kills Obama’s Pervs-In-The-Girls-Bathroom Rule,” reads the headline on the article on Red State.

Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the N.C. GOP, didn’t include a personal comment when he retweeted the article on Saturday afternoon.

“Last May, the Obama administration carried out a direct assault on Western civilization,” the article starts. “In a single directive, issued without the benefit of Congressional input or even an attempt to adhere to rule-making procedure under the Administrative Procedure Act, the Obama administration decreed that the mentally ill and sexual perverts who claim to be mentally ill had to be allowed to use the restrooms and school locker rooms of their preference without regards to the concerns of anyone else.”

Late Saturday, Woodhouse said he removed the post from his Twitter feed.

“I should not have re-tweeted this article,” he said. “I did not read it close enough and I am sorry.”

Replies on Twitter to Woodhouse’s apology were mixed.

“You didn’t read the ‘headline’ closely?” one person posted.

“You read it closely,” tweeted another. “You took it down bcs u got called out 4 it. Another exp of a homophobic politician.”

Others tweeted support for Woodhouse.

“You did nothing wrong stay strong!!!” one said.

Another notable North Carolinian used similar language in commenting on whether to allow people who are transgender to use the bathroom of their gender identity.

After N.C. legislators failed to repeal House Bill 2 in December, evangelist Franklin Graham tweeted his thanks for N.C. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and legislators “protecting women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts.”


HB2 overturned a Charlotte ordinance allowing transgender people to use the public restrooms of the gender with which they identify.

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