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SBI fallout: Where are they now?

On Wednesday, Attorney General Roy Cooper took some bigs steps forward with the SBI crime lab: he named a respected and retired appeals court judge as interim director, and made brief remarks to the committee heading up the national search for a new lab director.

So, where is old lab director?

Jerry Richardson, who was lab director since 2002, has a new role: "he will work directly with the Case Records Management System and Criminal Information and ID sections," according to an email from the Department of Justice.

The status of several other agents has not changed. Duane Deaver remains on investigative placement, meaning he's suspended with pay. Deaver's work was criticized in the recent independent audit of the lab. His work in bloodstain pattern analysis is also under investigation. SBI Director Greg McLeod said Wednesday that Deaver's 30 day suspension may be extended so the internal investigation into his work can be thorough and complete.

Mark Isley, the agent at the center of the Floyd Brown case, remains the chief agent on the state's Medicaid Fraud unit.