South Carolina

Moving trash can startles NC police department worker. Slithering serpent was inside.

A Huntersville Police Department worker “had a near death experience” when a trash can began to move on its own outside the department’s break room on Wednesday, police tweeted.

A shiny black slithering serpent was inside, police said.

Police called in their animal control worker, who used a small pole to lift the snake from the trash can and onto the patio, as shown in a 25-second video police released on Twitter.

The animal control worker then used the pole to coax the snake along. It slithered about for a second or two before darting off the patio and into the woods.

The serpent appears to have been either a non-venomous rat snake or non-venomous black racer, both of which are found in every North Carolina county and love to gorge on rodents.

“Good thing our animal control officer was there to save the day!” police tweeted with the hash tags #Nope #NahUh #IDontThinkSo #WeDontDoSnakes #Bye #ShotsFired #NotAPet #HuntersvillePD.

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