AT&T Next geared for more frequent upgraders

AT&T is rolling out their "Next" plan aimed at gadget consumers who like to upgrade more frequently than the industry standard of every couple of years.

AT&T Next gives customers the option to purchase a new smartphone or tablet every twelve months with no activation, upgrade or financing fees.

With a traditional agreement, customers pay carriers the subsidized cost of a device over two years. Next customers will finance the cost of the device in a monthly installment plan added to their usual bill over 20 months. After 12 months, they can trade their device for a brand new one, or keep it and have no more Next payments after 20 months. Those grandfathered into unlimited data plans are eligible.

There are no upfront costs, but it will bump your monthly payment plan back to month zero.

AT&T Next, available July 26, comes on the heels of T-Mobile's frequent upgrade program "Jump," and amid rumors of a similar upgrade plan from Verizon.